Nick & Sara’s Big Day

A wedding day is generally expected to be one of the most wonderful and anxiety inducing days of a woman’s life.  Some couples get wrapped up in the details and forget what the day is all about.  However, there are those that do not.  There are people that are able to focus on the joy and new beginnings that come with a wedding day.  Enter Sara & Nick.

I have NEVER met a woman so relaxed.  When I mentioned to the beautiful bride that I was impressed with her cool and calm demeanor, she responded, “You know, it just feels right.”

It was an honor to witness the marriage of Sara & Nick.  It was an absolute pleasure to see how much her newly acquired kiddos adored her and the love she showed in return.

As I arrived, Sara’s stepdaughter would soon arrive and so we started the day with Sara getting Miss Sadie prepared for the festivities…

To the happy couple – I wish you all the love and happiness in the world.   Thank you for letting me be a part of your beautiful day! xo

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