The Lasser Family

I have a little bit of history with this family… well, the mama of the family, Heather.  She was one of my first friends when I moved to a little town called Punxsutawney, 16 years ago!   I’ve always admired this gal’s beauty – she truly radiates, and always has!   And if you know Heather, you know that her personality and spirit are even more beautiful.
It was such a please to get to photograph this lovely growing family!   Sweet Taylor is going to be a wonderful big sister!

Lasser2015-5850-2 Lasser2015-5855 Lasser2015-5857-3 Lasser2015-5862 Lasser2015-5880 Lasser2015-5901 Lasser2015-5945 Lasser2015-5978 Lasser2015-6056 Lasser2015-6147 Lasser2015-6174 Lasser2015-6177 Lasser2015-6194 Lasser2015-6218 Lasser2015-6282 Lasser2015-6302 Lasser2015-6368 Lasser2015-6378 Lasser2015-6393 Lasser2015-6449-2 Lasser2015-6459

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