Brian & Erin’s Big Day!

Erin & Brian are one of the most loving couples I’ve ever met.  From the way he loves her children to the the frankness in her voice when she says, “I love that man.”  They give me chills and warm my heart, all at once.  Erin and Brian have a love that will inspire you to take a step back and wonder what you can do to show your loved ones just how adored they are, by you.  I have no doubt, they are treasuring their time as husband and wife.

Erin&Brian-1078 Erin&Brian-1082 Erin&Brian-1092 Erin&Brian-1095 Erin&Brian-1121 Erin&Brian-1147


Erin&Brian-1243 Erin&Brian-1257 Erin&Brian-1281 Erin&Brian-1417 Erin&Brian-1517 Erin&Brian-1423 Erin&Brian-1345 Erin&Brian-1529 Erin&Brian-1518

Erin&Brian-1438 Erin&Brian-1348 Erin&Brian-1403 Erin&Brian-1356 Erin&Brian-1358 Erin&Brian-1461 Erin&Brian-1551 Erin&Brian-1056 Erin&Brian-1610 Erin&Brian-1029 Erin&Brian-1607 Erin&Brian-1033 Erin&Brian-1027 Erin&Brian-1024 Erin&Brian-1674 Erin&Brian-1692 Erin&Brian-1715 Erin&Brian-1730 Erin&Brian-1785


Erin&Brian-1820 Erin&Brian-1858 Erin&Brian-1877 Erin&Brian-1889 Erin&Brian-1934 Erin&Brian-1936 Erin&Brian-1977 Erin&Brian-1968 Erin&Brian-2018 Erin&Brian-2063 Erin&Brian-2077 Erin&Brian-2197 Erin&Brian-2144 Erin&Brian-2062 Erin&Brian-2747 Erin&Brian-2656 Erin&Brian-2655 Erin&Brian-2395 Erin&Brian-2369 Erin&Brian-2330 Erin&Brian-2172

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