Jared & Christy

Christy and Jared were SO much fun!  They laughed (and so of course I laughed) the whole time we were shooting!  They have such a sweet, playful chemistry…. which dates back to middle school!

Christy suggested we start their shoot at the middle school where they met and first started their relationship.  What a fun idea!   It was so cute to watch their interactions and listen to the memories they had in the very halls which we were walking…
Then we wrapped it up at Pittsburgh South Park, with an unexpectedly warm forecast.

I cannot wait to shoot their wedding this fall.  I’ve no doubt that Christy is going to make a stunning bride…

Christy-7065 Christy-7086 Christy-7124 Christy-7173 Christy-7209 Christy-7256 Christy-7428 Christy-7458 Christy-7465 Christy-7529 Christy-7579 Christy-7656 Christy-7664 Christy-7739 Christy-7752 Christy-7782 Christy-7848 Christy-7859 Christy-7863 Christy-7868 Christy-7916 Christy-7974 Christy-8022 Christy-8111 Christy-8161 Christy-8162

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