The Meckey Family

There is nothing more refreshing than a family that adores one another… enter, the Meckey crew.  Mary, the mama, loves the Pirates so her daughter-in-law planned for a photo shoot around PNC park!   Here’s a highlight of our time together…

Mecky-3704 Mecky-3953 Mecky-3718 Mecky-3744 Mecky-3746 Mecky-3762 Mecky-3815 Mecky-3880 Mecky-3852-2 Mecky-3938 Mecky-3929 Mecky-3972 Mecky-3988-2 Mecky-4338 Mecky-4003 Mecky-4057 Mecky-4068 Mecky-4103 Mecky-4125 Mecky-4240-2 Mecky-4251 Mecky-4352-2

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