Andrew… oh Andrew.  I don’t even know where to begin.  What a beautiful baby boy.  It was an honor and a pleasure to get to photograph him just days after he entered this world.  The love this darling family has for one another is just breathtaking…

Here are a few of my favorites from our session starting out with some of the ADORABLE details in Andrew’s nursery, followed by our “studio” inspired shoot in Heather and Jason’s dining room, then a few more precious baby details and finally, the cherry on top – Taylor!   I hope you enjoy this post as much I enjoyed putting it together! xox

Bonafide_Andrew-9077 Bonafide_Andrew-9074 Bonafide_Andrew-9087 Bonafide_Andrew-9127 Bonafide_Andrew-9098 Bonafide_Andrew-9236-2 Bonafide_Andrew-8944 Bonafide_Andrew-8948 Bonafide_Andrew-9020 Bonafide_Andrew-9338 Bonafide_Andrew-9347 Bonafide_Andrew-9498 Bonafide_Andrew-9507 Bonafide_Andrew-9525 Bonafide_Andrew-9543-2 Bonafide_Andrew-9552 Bonafide_Andrew-9554 Bonafide_Andrew-9446 Bonafide_Andrew-9561 Bonafide_Andrew-9555 Bonafide_Andrew-9578

Bonafide_Andrew-9075 Bonafide_Andrew-9626-2 Bonafide_Andrew-9630-2 Bonafide_Andrew-9587 Bonafide_Andrew-9641

And this post would not be complete without a few shots of big sis, Taylor!  What a doll.  She was certainly the life of the party!

Bonafide_Andrew-9387 Bonafide_Andrew-9392 Bonafide_Andrew-9360 Bonafide_Andrew-9400 Bonafide_Andrew-9401

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