Codi & Amanda

Codi and Amanda were just amazing.  They are laid back, so in love, and just a delight to be around… oh, and beautiful.  They are a head-turning couple, for sure.   AND, they have the cutest little dog.  AND, they packed hot chocolate for their photoshoot.  I mean, come on, can you say I hit the jackpot?   Yes, yes I did.

Additionally, we lucked out with a perfectly sunny, snowy winter wonderland.  We had scheduled Amanda & Codi’s engagement photos long before the idea of  Jonas had crossed anyone’s minds.  So, we had the perfect landscape for Amanda’s vision and they were troopers in the 18 degree weather.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from their shoot.  I cannot wait for their big day in September at awesome Shakespeare Restaurant!! 

Bonafide_C&A_Eng-9742 Bonafide_A&C_Eng-9770 Bonafide_C&A_Eng-9704

Bonafide_C&A_Eng-9780 Bonafide_C&A_Eng-9913

Bonafide_Amanda-9871-6 Bonafide_C&A_Eng-9909 Bonafide_A&C_Eng-9762-2

Bonafide_C&A_Eng-0560 Bonafide_C&A_Eng-0245 Bonafide_C&A_Eng-0231 Bonafide_C&A_Eng-0239 Bonafide_C&A_Eng-0141

Bonafide_C&A_Eng-0135 Bonafide_C&A_Eng-0177 Bonafide_C&A_Eng-0160 Bonafide_C&A_Eng-0264 Bonafide_C&A_Eng-0356 Bonafide_C&A_Eng-0366 Bonafide_C&A_Eng-0397

Bonafide_C&A_Eng-0567Bonafide_C&A_Eng-0546Bonafide_C&A_Eng-0485 Bonafide_A&C_Eng-0494 Bonafide_C&A_Eng-0617

2 thoughts on “Codi & Amanda

  1. You are an awesome photographer ! And it is always great when you have beautiful people & their cute lil dog ! My son & future daughter in law look so happy ! Can’t wait till September !!!

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