Colton’s Debut

I had the amazing opportunity to document the birth of Tamara & Jeremy’s fourth baby – Colton.  When I walked into the hospital room, everyone (nurses, midwife, doula… AND Tamara) were all laughing and joking.  This literally carried on until moments before Tamara gave birth to her baby boy.   She giggled and told stories about her other kiddos as she was going through labor.   I couldn’t believe it then and I still can’t really believe it.

Everything moved incredibly quickly and as joyous as the time was prior to Colton’s birth, the happiness in the room grew exponentially as soon as that precious baby boy was laid on his mother’s chest.

It’s always an honor to be present for the birth of a little human.  I feel like every birth I get to document helps me appreciate life a little bit more.  Being present for Colton’s debut in this world was such a gift.  Thank you and congratulations to Tamara, Jeremy, and all of Colton’s siblings! xoxo


b_Colton_Bonafide_birth-2101 b_Colton_Bonafide_birth-2108 b_Colton_Bonafide_birth-2114 b_Colton_Bonafide_birth-2122 b_Colton_Bonafide_birth-2117 b_Colton_Bonafide_birth-2123

b_Colton_Bonafide_birth-2140 b_Colton_Bonafide_birth-2180 b_Colton_Bonafide_birth-2186 b_Colton_Bonafide_birth-2196 b_Colton_Bonafide_birth-2197 b_Colton_Bonafide_birth-2208 b_Colton_Bonafide_birth-2214 b_Colton_Bonafide_birth-2235 b_Colton_Bonafide_birth-2240 b_Colton_Bonafide_birth-2256 b_Colton_Bonafide_birth-2287
b_Colton_Bonafide_birth-2298 b_Colton_Bonafide_birth-2308 b_Colton_Bonafide_birth-2316 b_Colton_Bonafide_birth-2360 b_Colton_Bonafide_birth-2443 b_Colton_Bonafide_birth-2458 b_Colton_Bonafide_birth-2485 b_Colton_Bonafide_birth-2507 b_Colton_Bonafide_birth-2528

b_Colton_Bonafide_birth-2583 b_Colton_Bonafide_birth-2608

b_Colton_Bonafide_birth-2654 b_Colton_Bonafide_birth-2669 b_Colton_Bonafide_birth-2681


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