Gregg & Kendal

This was such a fun shoot!  It was, hands down, one of my favorite shoots, ever.
When Kendal contacted me, she had a very distinct setting in mind…  snow and mountains.  She had the great idea of heading to Seven Springs for the shoot.  When we were leaving Pittsburgh to head to the resort, it was over 60 degrees – in mid February!  I was nervous and I know she was nervous that we would get there and find little to no snow!

To both of our surprise, it was more beautiful and had more great spots than either one of us had imagined!

When we started shooting, the chemistry between Gregg and Kendal was totally undeniable.   As you can see, they are a gorgeous couple and incredibly sweet…  so this was an absolute treat for me – beginning to end.
Here are a few of my favorites…


K&G_Bonafide_Eng-1353 K&G_Bonafide_Eng-1372 K&G_Bonafide_Eng-1409 K&G_Bonafide_Eng-1412 K&G_Bonafide_Eng-1424 K&G_Bonafide_Eng-1464 K&G_Bonafide_Eng-1482 K&G_Bonafide_Eng-1526 K&G_Bonafide_Eng-1546 K&G_Bonafide_Eng-1581 K&G_Bonafide_Eng-1652 K&G_Bonafide_Eng-1664 K&G_Bonafide_Eng-1683 K&G_Bonafide_Eng-1689 K&G_Bonafide_Eng-1707


K&G_Bonafide_Eng-1888 K&G_Bonafide_Eng-1906 K&G_Bonafide_Eng-1925 K&G_Bonafide_Eng-1935 K&G_Bonafide_Eng-1945
K&G_Bonafide_Eng-1956 K&G_Bonafide_Eng-1987

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