Women, Wine & Wisdom Presented by Michele & Robyn Tedder

It was the perfect evening for a wonderful event at Pointbreezeway; Women, Wine & Wisdom, Presented by Michele and Robyn Tedder.  It felt like a treat to get to be there…  I walked away inspired and refreshed.  It’s not everyday you get to return home from work with an extra bounce in your step.

It was an honor getting to document an event that empowered women.

Oh, and the food.  I can’t even really find words to describe the food at this event.  It was beautifully presented and smelled divine!  Here are a few photos to highlight a wonderful evening of women, wine, and a whole lot of laughter and wisdom.

Tedder_bonafide_03.09.2016-3386 Tedder_bonafide_03.09.2016-3378

Tedder_bonafide_03.09.2016-3387-2 Tedder_bonafide_03.09.2016-3388-2
Tedder_bonafide_03.09.2016-3402 Tedder_bonafide_03.09.2016-3407


Tedder_bonafide_03.09.2016-3395 Tedder_bonafide_03.09.2016-3399


Tedder_bonafide_03.09.2016-3439 Tedder_bonafide_03.09.2016-3413


Tedder_bonafide_03.09.2016-3416 Tedder_bonafide_03.09.2016-3415


Tedder_bonafide_03.09.2016-3417 Tedder_bonafide_03.09.2016-3424 Tedder_bonafide_03.09.2016-3443

Tedder_bonafide_03.09.2016-3555 Tedder_bonafide_03.09.2016-3448 Tedder_bonafide_03.09.2016-3464 Tedder_bonafide_03.09.2016-3496 Tedder_bonafide_03.09.2016-3500 Tedder_bonafide_03.09.2016-3633 Tedder_bonafide_03.09.2016-3637 Tedder_bonafide_03.09.2016-3643 Tedder_bonafide_03.09.2016-3656 Tedder_bonafide_03.09.2016-3688

Tedder_bonafide_03.09.2016-3545 Tedder_bonafide_03.09.2016-3708

Tedder_bonafide_03.09.2016-3910 Tedder_bonafide_03.09.2016-3739 Tedder_bonafide_03.09.2016-3825 Tedder_bonafide_03.09.2016-3832 Tedder2-3790-2These two women are phenomenal.


One thought on “Women, Wine & Wisdom Presented by Michele & Robyn Tedder

  1. It was a great evening! Women coming together to celebrate one another makes my heart smile! The food was delicious and the conversation was fun and meaningful. I am looking forward to the next event!

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