Kristen is Expecting!

Kristen and Joe are expecting their baby girl any day now.   And let me just say, this mama is beaming from the inside out.   I had THE hardest time choosing which photos to highlight this awesome shoot.  These two make a great pair and don’t take a bad picture.

I can’t wait to meet your beautiful baby girl….

Bonafide_Maternity-7302 Bonafide_Maternity-7449 Bonafide_Maternity-7437 Bonafide_Maternity-7394 Bonafide_Maternity-7391 Bonafide_Maternity-7380 Bonafide_Maternity-7379

Bonafide_Maternity-7359 Bonafide_Maternity-7339 Bonafide_Maternity-7335 Bonafide_Maternity-7325 Bonafide_Maternity-7463

Bonafide_Maternity-7508 Bonafide_Maternity-7515 Bonafide_Maternity-7577 Bonafide_Maternity-7581 Bonafide_Maternity-7639 Bonafide_Maternity-7660 Bonafide_Maternity-7679 Bonafide_Maternity-7687

Bonafide_Maternity-7801 Bonafide_Maternity-7790

Bonafide_Maternity-7705 Bonafide_Maternity-7903

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