Hazel’s Debut

I was so excited to photograph Hazel’s debut, especially after getting to see her brother and sister’s enthusiasm at their maternity session.  They were just so sweet.
It was an absolute honor being invited to photograph Hazel meeting big sister, Autumn, and big brother, Owen, for the very first time.  Their enthusiasm and gentle approach was so very precious.   I have no doubt they will make sure their new baby sister is always well cared for and so very loved.

Welcome to the world sweet Hazel….

hazel-2124   hazel-2135 hazel-2154 hazel-2163 hazel-2179 hazel-2186 hazel-2199 hazel-2206 hazel-2219 hazel-2227 hazel-2231 hazel-2271 hazel-2298 hazel-2302 hazel-2357 hazel-2345-3 hazel-2365 hazel-2386-2 hazel-2461 hazel-2472 hazel-2485 hazel-2494-4 hazel-2509 hazel-2523 hazel-2529 hazel-2552 hazel-2589 hazel-2604 hazel-2614-2 hazel-2609

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