Frankie & Angie

You may recognize these kiddos.  You have seen them a few times on the blog and a lot on my Facebook page.  The first time I got to photograph Frankie, I felt like I had discovered a true passion for photographing children.  It was so amazing how his personality seemed to jump out at you through the photos.  I soon realized that, while I do have a real love for working with kiddos, Mr. Frankie also has a huge, magnetic personality.  With that said, I still get giddy when their mama gets in touch to do photos…
And Miss Angie, who once hung out in the shadows of her big brother’s personality is becoming quite the littler charmer in her own right.

We stumbled upon this great “field” of flowers and well, I couldn’t help but take advantage of it!  Here are some of my favorites from Frankie & Angie’s latest shoot.

And I should add, you might notice a bonus boy!  This awesome family just welcomed a new baby into their lines, Macaroni! :)

Bonafide_May16-5619 Bonafide_May16-5642 Bonafide_May16-5663 Bonafide_May16-5667 Bonafide_May16-5685 Bonafide_May16-5699 Bonafide_May16-5705 Bonafide_May16-5742 Bonafide_May16-5759 Bonafide_May16-5786 Bonafide_May16-5853 Bonafide_May16-5950 Bonafide_May16-5970 Bonafide_May16-5971 Bonafide_May16-6030 Bonafide_May16-6037 Bonafide_May16-6115 Bonafide_May16-6263

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