Gianna’s Debut

I had a feeling that meeting little Miss Gianna would be special but I had no idea how special.  She slept when I asked her to sleep, she yawned when I hoped she would yawn, she was so easy and when she was awake, she was locking eyes with the camera, striking poses…  well maybe not so much poses, but needless to say, I walked away with hundreds of photos of the hardest part was trying to narrow down which ones to share with you!

At two weeks old, she is already a little doll and as anyone who’s ever had a baby knows, the best is yet to come… along with sleep.

Welcome to the world Gianna Delaney.


gianna_bonafide_nb-1067 gianna_bonafide_nb-1056 gianna_bonafide_nb-1055 gianna_bonafide_nb-1064 gianna_bonafide_nb-1073

gianna_bonafide_nb-1008 gianna_bonafide_nb-1011 gianna_bonafide_nb-1015 gianna_bonafide_nb-1016 gianna_bonafide_nb-1031 gianna_bonafide_nb-1033 gianna_bonafide_nb-1043 gianna_bonafide_nb-1047 Gianna_bonafide-1000 gianna_bonafide_nb-1050 gianna_bonafide_nb-1077 gianna_bonafide_nb-1083 gianna_bonafide_nb-1086 gianna_bonafide_nb-1122 gianna_bonafide_nb-1109

Hold the phone… is this Miss Gianna’s first smile?  Her mom and dad were looking at her, smiling and this was her response.  I think…. I think maybe….
We’ll let mom & dad make the final call.  gianna_bonafide_nb-1118
gianna_bonafide_nb-1134 gianna_bonafide_nb-1138 gianna_bonafide_nb-1139 gianna_bonafide_nb-1141 gianna_bonafide_nb-1150 gianna_bonafide_nb-1151 gianna_bonafide_nb-1163Doesn’t their home feel like the quintessential, American Dream home?  I couldn’t help myself.
gianna_bonafide_nb-1165 gianna_bonafide_nb-1167

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