Grayson’s Debut

I adore this family.  They happen to be family, sort of.  Bri is my soon-to-be brother in law’s cousin.  That counts, right? :)

I have had the pleasure of photographing this lovely crew since big sister, Brooke, was around 6 months old.  It has been such a delight to watch her grow into an amazingly inquisitive (not to mention, ADORABLE) little girl and now a big sister.

Grayson is such a lucky little boy to come into this world greeted by such a sweet family that already adores him.  As I have mentioned with every Fresh 48, it is so special to see the instant bond between siblings.  Even at such a young age, something clicks.  They seem to just feel it.

Welcome to the world little guy!  I can’t wait to watch you grow. xoxo

Grayson_bonafide-104 Grayson_bonafide-105 Grayson_bonafide-106 Grayson_bonafide-109 Grayson_bonafide-110 Grayson_bonafide-113 Grayson_bonafide-114 Grayson_bonafide-118 Grayson_bonafide-119 Grayson_bonafide-121 Grayson_bonafide-125 Grayson_bonafide-130 Grayson_bonafide-137 Grayson_bonafide-138 Grayson_bonafide-140 Grayson_bonafide-142 Grayson_bonafide-143
Grayson_bonafide-155 Grayson_bonafide-159
Grayson_bonafide-163 Grayson_bonafide-170 Grayson_bonafide-173


Grayson_bonafide-188 Grayson_bonafide-196

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