Jared & Christy’s Big Day

Jared and Christy have the sweetest love story.  They have been together since middle school!  They have literally spent the majority of their lives loving one another.  It was obvious from the very first time I met them, at their engagement session, that they had something very unique and playful.  Their love is very matter of fact, and very real.

Their wedding day felt like a real life fairy tale.  From every beautiful detail to the excitement and enthusiasm shared by everyone around them.  If something went wrong that day, I missed it.  It truly felt like each and every last detail fell perfectly into place, even a light misty rain that set in at the end of the ceremony.  It was just enough to make us all pause and wonder if we were going to get soaked.  But as quickly as the rain moved in, it moved out.

Congratulations to the beautiful bride and groom.  It was so much fun working with you guys and getting to capture your inspiring love story! xo

C&J-Bonafide-104 C&J-Bonafide-110 C&J-Bonafide-118

C&J-Bonafide-250 C&J-Bonafide-130 C&J-Bonafide-131




C&J-Bonafide-235 C&J-Bonafide-237 C&J-Bonafide-276


C&J-Bonafide-314 C&J-Bonafide-291

C&J-Bonafide-332 C&J-Bonafide-397 C&J-Bonafide-398 C&J-Bonafide-400


C&J-Bonafide-374 C&J-Bonafide-310


C&J-Bonafide-632 C&J-Bonafide-676

C&J-Bonafide-706 C&J-Bonafide-704

C&J-Bonafide-752 C&J-Bonafide-746 C&J-Bonafide-738 C&J-Bonafide-730 C&J-Bonafide-718C&J-Bonafide-724





Dress: Bridal Beginnings, designed by Mathew Christopher
 Tuxes: Men’s Warehouse
Desserts: Homemade by family
Florist: The Gold Knot
Coordinator: The Gold Knot, Christy Blackburn
Decorations: The Gold Knot
Second Shooter: Leah Loves That Photography

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