Bree’s Debut

Lifestyle newborn shoots in a decluttered, well lit house – could I ask for more?  How about a beautiful couple that is so in love with their new baby girl, so much so that it is undeniable in photos?  Oh, and the baby, it’s a great perk if it is adorable with an awesome head of hair.  It sounds totally unrealistic and like every photographer’s dream.  Here it is.

Little Bree is so adored and at the 6 week mark, she is really starting to show her affection toward her biggest admirers.  This beautiful family was so much fun to photograph and inspiring to watch… after all, adjusting to a new kid on the block can be tough… they made it look so wonderfully easy.


Bonafide_May2016-7400 Bonafide_May2016-7407 Bonafide_May2016-7422 Bonafide_May2016-7424 Bonafide_May2016-7437

Bonafide_May2016-7485 Bonafide_May2016-7496 Bonafide_May2016-7515 Bonafide_May2016-7516 Bonafide_May2016-7525 Bonafide_May2016-7548

Bonafide_May2016-7572 Bonafide_May2016-7567
Bonafide_May2016-7590 Bonafide_May2016-7613 Bonafide_May2016-7638 Bonafide_May2016-7723 Bonafide_May2016-7728 Bonafide_May2016-7747
Bonafide_May2016-7764 Bonafide_May2016-7779 Bonafide_May2016-7782

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