Emily & Mike

Emily & Mike’s wedding day is going to be incredible and it happens to be ONE year from TODAY! :)
They were incredible to photograph.  To watch them as individuals and see their love, which felt nearly tangible when together, was pretty cool… in fact, I think I exclaimed several times throughout the shoot, “You guys are giving me goosebumps!”  I’ve never been around two people that felt like they were one another’s missing puzzle pieces like Emily and Mike.  Cliche, I know, but they really felt like there could not be a more perfect fit.

I got to photograph them giggling and cuddling at Point State Park and dancing on Mt. Washington at sunset.  As soon as we wrapped up, I ran home to upload the photos… here are a few of my favorite…



Bonafide_May16-6350 Bonafide_May16-6357

Bonafide_May16-6387 Bonafide_May16-6391 Bonafide_May16-6453 Bonafide_May16-6464

Bonafide_May16-6352 Bonafide_May16-6616
Bonafide_May16-7228 Bonafide_May16-6666 Bonafide_May16-6737 Bonafide_May16-6778 Bonafide_May16-6780

Bonafide_May16-6797 Bonafide_May16-6813

Bonafide_May16-6901 Bonafide_May16-7236 Bonafide_May16-6909

Bonafide_May16-6997 Bonafide_May16-6979

And then they danced…
Emily Bonafide_May16-7172 Bonafide_May16-7174 Bonafide_May16-7262

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  1. EMILY…. Your pictures are gorgeous and I love love love the dancing ones and walking across the street. You guys are so cute… I am looking forward to your big day!! Love you! #emandmwedding

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