Everest is One

Everest and I go way back… about a year!  I got to meet him just after he was born.  (Everest’s Debut at West Penn Hospital) I was hoping to share my birthday with this little cutie but he held out an extra day.

Here are a few our my favorite photos from Everest’s 1 year shoot at Pittsburgh’s Riverview Park – Family photos, cake smash, and finally some sweet mama & baby breastfeeding shots.

Everest_bonafide-4643 Everest_bonafide-4602 Everest_bonafide-4710 Everest_bonafide-4614 Everest_bonafide-4665

Everest_bonafide-5399 Everest_bonafide-5394 Everest_bonafide-5328

Everest_bonafide-5237 Everest_bonafide-5281 Everest_bonafide-5196


Everest_bonafide-5642 Everest_bonafide-5673 Everest_bonafide-5699 Everest_bonafide-5703 Everest_bonafide-5708
Everest_bonafide-5753 Everest_bonafide-5770 Everest_bonafide-5756 Everest_bonafide-5804

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