Jason & Caitlin

Amazing.  I don’t even know how else to describe my time with these two.  It literally started out like this:
7:00 is nearing so I start heading to our meeting place. I see this couple walking down the street toward me and think, “WOAH!  They are so beautiful together.”  The woman was glowing and the gentleman holding her hand was smiling ear to ear.  Then I got a little closer and realized, THOSE beautiful people are my people!  Imagine my joy.   (And ridiculous giggle.)

Together, we walked around Pittsburgh’s North Shore (Roberto Clemente Bridge, Allegheny Landing, etc) and paused here and there to take photos.  I truly felt as though it would not matter where or when we stopped – the background just didn’t mean anything in the presence of this genuine adoration.  Like I said, it was AMAZING!

And that is how it went.  If you get through this blog post and don’t feel like you are looking at two people that genuinely adore one another, I have failed.  The tenderness of their love gave me chills.   Enjoy.


Bonafide_C+J-9723 Bonafide_C+J-9774



Bonafide_C+J-0348 Bonafide_C+J-0217 Bonafide_C+J-0276 Bonafide_C+J-0278

Bonafide_C+J-0153-2 Bonafide_C+J-0361 Bonafide_C+J-0459 Bonafide_C+J-0390 Bonafide_C+J-0468 Bonafide_C+J-0399



Bonafide_C+J-0522 Bonafide_C+J-0555 Bonafide_C+J-0572

4 thoughts on “Jason & Caitlin

  1. Oh, wow! These are ridiculously beautiful! I wouldn’t be surprised if I buy a frame with these two in it someday. Lol. I know. I’m cheesy.

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