Maya Kate & Connor

I was so excited to meet this lovely family.  Maya Kate is such an adorable little girl and she and her parents just welcomed baby Connor into their lives.  He snoozed almost the entire shoot and then woke up just in time for some sweet awake shots.

We shot all over their beautiful home including a sweet tea party in Maya’s room followed by a little party on mom & dad’s bed! Christal had so many amazing ideas which made it even more fun!  It was an amazing experience with beautiful people – inside and out!
Bonafide_May2016-7891 Bonafide_May2016-7919 Bonafide_May2016-7924 Bonafide_May2016-7937 Bonafide_May2016-7941 Bonafide_May2016-7972 Bonafide_May2016-7982 Bonafide_May2016-8004

Bonafide_May2016-8116 Bonafide_May2016-8122

Bonafide_May2016-8155 Bonafide_May2016-8201 Bonafide_May2016-8259 Bonafide_May2016-8268 Bonafide_May2016-8289 Bonafide_May2016-8292 Bonafide_May2016-8328 Bonafide_May2016-8350

Bonafide_May2016-8475 Bonafide_May2016-8538


Bonafide_May2016-7826 Bonafide_May2016-7822


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