The Reese Family

Pittsburgh is such a fun place to live and especially fun to photograph.  There are SO many great spots to do shoots, especially if you are a Pittsburgh enthusiast and want the city to be a part of your photo!

When Tamara contacted me about doing a Pittsburgh themed shoot, I don’t think I could say “yes” quickly enough and probably used more exclamation points than characters.

It was especially fun for because the last time I’d really seen them is when I was photographing the birth of their sweet baby boy, Colton.  Unfortunately, this shoot also represents a final farewell to a city that they’ve lived in for a number of years.  They will be moving this month.  :(

It has been a true pleasure.  Here are a few of my favorites from their Pittsburgh themed family session…

Bonafide_Tam-8842 Bonafide_Tam-8899 Bonafide_Tam-8909 Bonafide_Tam-8911 Bonafide_Tam-8932

Bonafide_Tam-9039 Bonafide_Tam-9090 Bonafide_Tam-9115 Bonafide_Tam-9148 Bonafide_Tam-9202 Bonafide_Tam-9226 Bonafide_Tam-9258 Bonafide_Tam-9304

Bonafide_Tam-9336 Bonafide_Tam-9460
Bonafide_Tam-9592 Bonafide_Tam-9616

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