Have you been to Simmon’s Farm in McMurray, PA? If not, you are missing out.  It has to be one of the Pittburgh’s best kept secrets.  I recent had the please of photographing the Simmon’s family and their newest addition, sweet little Hayley who decided to take a quick snooze during our session and we took full advantage by laying her in a field of sunflowers.

I’ve truly not met a more lovely family!  Here is a highlight of our sunny morning shoot…


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newborn_bonafide-6383 newborn_bonafide-6204 newborn_bonafide-6379 newborn_bonafide-6281


newborn_bonafide-6238 newborn_bonafide-6260 newborn_bonafide-5902 newborn_bonafide-6387 newborn_bonafide-6421 newborn_bonafide-6418

newborn_bonafide-6429 newborn_bonafide-6442

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