Upon first meeting a couple, I always emphasize the importance of engagement photos because it gives you a chance to work with your wedding photographer and get a feel for their vibe and direction.  The more you work together, the better and more efficient the process gets.

When I got to work with Jordan for a third time, for a bridal shoot following her big day, it felt like I was working with an experienced pro.  It was relaxed and fun… and it didn’t hurt that she was just as stunning this day as she was on her wedding day.

We met in Schenley Park at Bartlett Shelter in Pittsburgh.  Would you have ever guessed?  There is THE most gorgeous bridge down a path right behind the shelter.  If you haven’t been there, go!  It is just lovely!  Jordan’s sis joined us for the fun too!  I’ve never met such beautiful sisters!

Thank you, Jordan, for this wonderful opportunity.

If you’d like to see more of this gorgeous gal, here in the link to Jordan & John’s Downtown Pittsburgh Engagement Shoot and the link to their wedding at the Mayernik Center!

Florals by The Gold Knot, Pittsburgh

Schenley park wedding photo Bonafide_bride-9274 Pittsburgh bride flower crown

bride with flower wreathe at schenley park

bridal bouquet close up peonies at schenley park

Bride holding bouquet in Pittsburgh

bride leaning back in Schenley park bride pose at Bartlett Shelter Schenley park bride on bridge at Bartlett Shelter Pittsburgh Bartlett Shelter Bridge at Schenley park with Bride boho bride at Bartlett Shelter in Schenley park Bride with flower crown and bouquet Pink and white boho bridal bouquet in Pittsburgh

burgh bride in Pittburgh flower crown
bridal lashes and wreathe in schenley park


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