Michael & Atara’s 40th Wedding Anniversary

Getting to photograph Michael & Atara in celebration of their 40th wedding anniversary was an amazing experience.  Our photo shoot included their 3 children, spouses, and their 6 awesome grand kids.  I was so inspired by them and their love – love for their kids & grand kids and especially for one another.   It was a beautiful thing and I’m thankful I got to document it.

Happy Anniversary!

Bonafide_fam_2016-2036 Bonafide_fam_2016-2037 Bonafide_fam_2016-2031 Bonafide_fam_2016-2129 Bonafide_fam_2016-1983 Bonafide_fam_2016-1834 Bonafide_fam_2016-1792 Bonafide_fam_2016-1946 Bonafide_fam_2016-1957 Bonafide_fam_2016-1848 Bonafide_fam_2016-2442 Bonafide_fam_2016-1870 Bonafide_fam_2016-2180 Bonafide_fam_2016-2779 Bonafide_fam_2016-2670 Bonafide_fam_2016-2682 Bonafide_fam_2016-2454 Bonafide_fam_2016-2215 Bonafide_fam_2016-2225 Bonafide_fam_2016-2232 Bonafide_fam_2016-2253

Bonafide_fam_2016-2264 Bonafide_fam_2016-2266

Bonafide_fam_2016-2409 Bonafide_fam_2016-2491 Bonafide_fam_2016-2530 Bonafide_fam_2016-2538 Bonafide_fam_2016-2543 Bonafide_fam_2016-2580 Bonafide_fam_2016-2791

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