Justin & Chelsea (II)

***If you didn’t see the first part of this shoot – go check it out: Justin & Chelsea 

I decided as soon as I moved to Pittsburgh that my favorite thing about this city was the water!  The rivers add SO much to the experience of living and visiting this awesome place.  In addition to adding a great vibe, it is adds an awesome dimension to photos.  What’s better than photos next to water?  Photos in water- in a boat!

I haven’t seen many photos of couples on the rivers here.  Occasionally, but not often enough.  So I knew I had to do it and when the Sugars were kind enough to agree to work with us and be our boat captains for an evening, I may have squealed and jumped up and down, a little.  “City Life” is an amazing boat and just perfect for this unusual shoot.  And Ron & Roxanne were THE best captains!

To top off the experience, Garnish Event Design in Pittsburgh,  provided some over the top flowers that added the most beautiful pop of color to all of the photos.

I am so incredibly thankful that Justin and Chelsea were so willing to “play along” and let me have artistic freedom.  Despite the heat, it turned out to be a beautiful summer evening with a perfect sunset!

Here are some of my favorites….



C&J-bonafide-8990 C&J-bonafide-8647 C&J-bonafide-8650 C&J-bonafide-9101 C&J-bonafide-8664 C&J-bonafide-8674
C&J-bonafide-8715 C&J-bonafide-8728 C&J-bonafide-8740 C&J-bonafide-8758 C&J-bonafide-8795 C&J-bonafide-8807 C&J-bonafide-8827

C&J-bonafide-8875 C&J-bonafide-8892 C&J-bonafide-8894 C&J-bonafide-8897
C&J-bonafide-8926 C&J-bonafide-8932 C&J-bonafide-8939 C&J-bonafide-9045 C&J-bonafide-9075 C&J-bonafide-9107 C&J-bonafide-9119 C&J-bonafide-9143 C&J-bonafide-9148 C&J-bonafide-9159 C&J-bonafide-9172

C&J-bonafide-8963 C&J-bonafide-9232

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