Justin & Chelsea

Meet the gorgeous Chelsea and her handsome husband, Justin.  Together they are quite the pair.  And they’ve got chemistry like every couple dreams about.
We started this shoot across the river from the South side Marina and eventually made our way to “City Life” – a boat that would be the scene for much of the shoot.

Disclaimer:  This was not Chelsea & Justin’s actual wedding day.  This is a post-wedding shoot that was super laid back and fun, with zero pressure.  They got all decked out in their wedding attire, we found an amazing florist, and we took some photos….  this photographer’s dream.

The beautiful floral crown and bouquet were designed and provided by Garnished Event Design!  It was a toasty day but the shoot turned out more beautiful than I could have hoped.

Here are a few of my favorites from the first part of Justin & Chelsea’s shoot.  Stayed tuned for Part II, I promise, it’s a treat.




C&J-bonafide-8336 C&J-bonafide-8346

C&J-bonafide-8369 C&J-bonafide-8430

C&J-bonafide-8411 C&J-bonafide-8380

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