The Hanlon Family

My dream has always been to be a more journalistic photographer – to catch real people in real moments with real emotion.  Fortunately, this style of photography is starting to take hold and spread like wildfire.  Parents are starting to want a mixture of  genuine unprompted moments and interactions captured along with some  posed to fill their  walls and to put in their albums.   The enthusiasm is growing and I couldn’t be more excited.

With that, when Tina contacted me to do a session for her family and said, “I don’t want any posed photos.”  I probably, maybe, did a little happy dance in my office!  They are moving abroad and hoping to capture some real moments in their home, in Pittsburgh, before they set off for their big adventure.

They played in their beautiful backyard as they often do.  They rolled in the grass, raced their riding toys, mom juggled, dad wrestled, the girls read to their baby brother… it was really beautiful and so much fun to watch.  I can only hope that the photos you are about to look at do this lovely family justice.

I was thrilled and honored and it without a doubt, it left me wanting to encourage every family, everywhere to give this style of family shoot a chance – I think you’ll be hooked, like I am.

Family home in Aspinwall near Pittsburgh PA Family sitting on porch steps at home in Aspinwall PA home mom adjusts daughters hair DITL session Toddler on porch DITL family session in Pittsburgh Tween on mom's lap DITL family shoot in Aspinwall Family on porch Storytelling session in Pittsburgh Toddler reading book on porch Pittsburgh Storytelling session candid baby reaching for sister during DITL session in Aspinwall PA Family sitting on steps during storytelling session Pittsburgh Aspinwall PA swingset at family home for DITL Pittsburgh session Parents and 3 kids swinging during DITL Pittsburgh session close up of red head child swinging during Storytelling session 15215 photographer pic of dad pushing toddler son on bike during DITL session in 15215 photo of toddler boy riding bike with cup during family photo shoot in Pittsburgh Photo of family race in Aspinwall during photo shoot Family car race in alley Pittsburgh family photo session red head sisters playing Pittsburgh family photo session redhead sisters playing Pittsburgh Storytelling session young girl with helmet riding in Pittsburgh PA home toddler putting on helmet during Pittsburgh family session bonafide_hanlon-2139 Aspinwall family playing during candid photo shoot in Pittsburgh Dad and children playing during candid photo shoot in Pittsburgh Aspinwall family playing during candid photo shoot in Pittsburgh dad and young daughter playing in grass during family session in Pittsburgh Dad and daughter playing during candid photo shoot in Pittsburgh Aspinwall family playing with chalk candid photo shoot in Pittsburgh Pic of girl writing with chalk in Pittsburgh close up of redhead with green eyes in Pittsburgh photo Toddler runs to mom in candid family session Pittsburgh

Daddy daughter photo in grass 15215 Family playing grass 15215 Pittsburgh Family Photographer candid Dad and daughters lifestyle image in Pittsburgh PA sisters playing in grass redhead family session in Pittsburgh Mom juggling for kids at DITL family photo session at Aspinwall PA home Mom juggling lego blocks at Pittsburgh area home photo shoot Toddler hands playing with blocks during lifestyle photo shoot close up of toddler redhead face lifestyle candid session Family playing 15215 photographer DITL bonafide_hanlon-1723 Child reading and looking down eyelash close up redhead lifestyle family photo shoot Young girl reading book 15215 photographer bonafide_hanlon-1354


Best of luck Hanlons on this exciting next chapter of your lives!  And thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing me to photograph the intimate beauty of the love your family shares.

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