The Julian Family

Lea, Axel and their mom, Bethany, make quite the team.  They are vibrant and fun, and most importantly crazy about one another.  They loved making one another laugh and they loved the challenge of helping me get the most genuine smiles – which was easy because they knew all the little secrets and tricks and brought them out at the perfect times.

Here are a few of my favorites of this beautiful family during our evening adventure around Phipp’s property…

bonafide2016-1554 bonafide2016-1505 bonafide2016-1512 bonafide2016-1586 bonafide2016-1660 bonafide2016-1687 bonafide2016-1415



bonafide2016-1286 bonafide2016-1324 bonafide2016-1143 We had to wrap it up with a special request from Axle… bonafide2016-1819

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