Cecilia is TWO!

Cecilia just turned 2!  Despite the 90 degree (and crazy humid) morning we had, this gal was so wonderful to photograph! She is one of the sweetest little girls I’ve ever met.  She took my hand and was happy to be in front of the camera.  And she was full of ideas of her own…. and that smile… just you wait!

Here are a few of my favorites from my time with Cecilia and her parents…

bonafidefamily2016-6900 bonafidefamily2016-6904 bonafidefamily2016-6917 bonafidefamily2016-6924 bonafidefamily2016-6927 bonafidefamily2016-6960 bonafidefamily2016-6963 bonafidefamily2016-6975 bonafidefamily2016-6976 bonafidefamily2016-6980 bonafidefamily2016-7001 bonafidefamily2016-7008 bonafidefamily2016-7018 bonafidefamily2016-7045 bonafidefamily2016-7049 bonafidefamily2016-7103 bonafidefamily2016-7191 bonafidefamily2016-7204 bonafidefamily2016-7225 bonafidefamily2016-7231

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