Jason and Cait’s Big Day

This summer and fall has been jam packed with amazing wedding days.  Jason and Cait are at the top of that list.  They were married at Pittsburgh’s Riverview Park on September 4.  The day began at Cait’s childhood home where she and her best friends had their hair and make up done.  Everyone was in great spirits!  No visible anxiety or stress, whatsoever.  Cait and Jason then had a lovely first look just down from the Chapel Shelter where the ceremony and reception would take place.

The day went seamlessly.  Everything was perfect from the ceremony, officiated by a dear friend, to the beautiful first dance with the sun setting behind the newly married couple.  I was sad to see it end but so very excited for this couple that had the most amazing chemistry from the moment I met them.

Congratulations Jason & Cait!

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And they lived happily ever after….



The Team
Hair & Make up: Sister of the bride, Molly and Jodie Lynn
Dress: Alfred Angelo
Florist: Jim Ludwig
Venue:  Riverview Park’s Chapel Shelter
Caterer: Heavenly Cuisine Custom Catering (DELISH!!)
Cake: Sweet Serendipidy Desserts
Cookie Table: Melissa Jones
DJ: Mike Nash
Photographer: Bona fide Photography

2 thoughts on “Jason and Cait’s Big Day

  1. Looks like you all had a gorgeous day, you’ll have some beautiful pictures and beautiful memories. God bless you both. Kelly

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