John & Jo’s Big Day

John and Jo had a magical day.  It was a little traditional and a lot beautifully personalized.
To start, they had the ceremony and reception at a private estate in Wexford.  This was the home of their dear friends and also the place where John and Jo had their first dance and the same place John would propose and finally, the very same place they would say “I do.”  Romantic?  Very.  They were surrounded by their beautiful children and their closest friends and family on what turned out to be the perfect summer day.

Jo put thought into every detail from the embellishments that she added to her dress and the bouquet that she made with 7 roses to symbolize their seven children.  To set the mood, they had a harpist and 3 of John’s amazingly talented daughters kicked off the ceremony with the most lovely a capella song.

Congratulations Jo & John!  It was an honor to get to witness & document your beautiful wedding day!

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The Team
Venue: Personal Estate in Wexford, PA
Photographer: Bona fide Photography, Pittsburgh 
Flowers: Costco
Dress: Macy’s + personalization by bride
Shoes & Vintage Purse: Treasure House
Hair & Make up: Jordan Gapczynski Sasson from Pretty 
Caterer: Aviva Brick Oven Catering
Cakes: Oakmont Bakery and Gluten&Dairy Free Cake by Ali’s Marketplace 
Cookies: Oakmont Bakery and The Toffee House 
Favors: The Toffee House 
Harpist: Marissa Knaub Avon 
Tent: Kar-eyes Tent Rental
Personalized Necklace Gifts:  Just Say’n’ Art
Officiant: Pastor Kent Chevalier 


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