Mike & Alyshia’s Big Day!

Mike and Alyshia will admit that they are head over heals in love and everyone knows it.  Everyone who meets them comments on what a perfect match they are, including me.  When we did their engagement shoot, I felt like I was photographing a couple that had just fallen in love.  It felt new and fresh – but the reality was that, that is just how they love.

So you can imagine their wedding day.  Their were tears of joy from all.  And universal excitement at witnessing two people, so perfect for one another, getting married.

The entire day was SO relaxed.  If I wouldn’t have known, I would have never guessed that this was someone’s wedding day.  A celebration for sure, but the stress and tension were non existent.   Alyshia & Mike were just simply overjoyed that this day had arrived.  The ceremony was beautiful at St. Pamphilus in Beechview. Followed by a reception where EVERYONE danced and celebrated.  No one left early.  Everyone participated.  It was just awesome.

It was amazing to take part in and document the beginning of this next chapter in an already fairy tale like love story…
Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Ravida!  It was a great pleasure to witness your love and walk with you through your beautiful day!

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Hotel Accommodations – Sheraton Station Square
Caterer – Ches Anthony
Make-Up & Hair – Sergio’s Style
Shoes – Nine West
Officiant – Father Alexis 
Cookies – Just Desserts by Mari
Bridal jewelry – Sabika
Wedding Bands – Kay Jewelers
Limo Bus – Tortorice Limousine



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