Corey and Jessica’s Big Day!

Corey and Jessie had a phenomenal wedding day.  I’m always surprised when I arrive to photograph a bride and their is not a nervous or anxious bone in her body.  Jessie was totally relaxed and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying her day with her dearest friends and family.  It also helped that she scheduled ample time into her plans – something a suggest to everyone!

Corey was equally cool and calm.  I mean, what is there to stress about, after all – they are just doing the most natural thing in the world – marrying their best friend.   :)

The ceremony was beautiful.  Nicassio Fields was an awesome venue.  Corey and Jessie lucked out with a cloudy fall day, that diffused the light to perfection.  Beyond the awesomness of the ceremony,  the reception was a blast.  Jessie and her dad choreographed an epic dance that I will not soon forget.   I am not sure that they could have made their day any more wonderful than it was.

It was an absolute pleasure Mr. & Mrs. Jenkins!  Congratulations & Best Wishes!

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The Team!
Venue: Nicassio Fields 
Make up: Kristen Manno
Dress: David’s Bridal
Shoes: Light in the Box 
Caterer & Cake: Lora V’s Catering
DJ: AMP Entertainment
Cookies:  Collaboration of family, friends Scozzio’s Bakery, and Giant Eagle
Photographer: Bona fide Photography

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