Emery is 6 Months!

Emery is such a doll! I have had the pleasure of photographing her since she was in her mama’s belly.  I’m not sure if she could get much cuter but I am so excited to watch her grow and evolve.

Mama had lots of sweet ideas for this shoot including a quick sunset trip to South Park which couldn’t have been more beautiful.

Happy 6 months sweet girl!

bonafide-1654 bonafide-1657 bonafide-1664 bonafide-1665 bonafide-1667



bonafide-1739 bonafide-1740 bonafide-1742 bonafide-1751 bonafide-1755

bonafide-1763 bonafide-1766 bonafide-1767 bonafide-1769 bonafide-1772 bonafide-1775 bonafide-1779 bonafide-1780

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