Mike & Ashley

Mike and Ashley are engaged!  And I am so thrilled that I get to photograph their wedding next Fall!  They had the most playful banter that Ashley attributes to the many years that they’ve been  together.  They just fit together like they’re meant to be.

Ashley found the most lovely private residence for their engagement session.  It was the perfect Fall evening.

Here are some of my favorites…


bonafide-1654 bonafide-1651 bonafide-1652 bonafide-1655 bonafide-1659

bonafide-1665 bonafide-1668

bonafide-1676bonafide-1679 bonafide-1680 bonafide-1681 bonafide-1708 bonafide-1709 bonafide-1684 bonafide-1685 bonafide-1686

bonafide-1692 bonafide-1696 bonafide-1705 bonafide-1706 bonafide-1699 bonafide-1702

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