Sereeta and her Gals

Sereeta and her family were so much fun to photograph.  It is not everyday that I get to do an all ladies shoot which happens to include 3 generations of beautiful gals. Saniyah & Salanah were little spitfires.  They were balls of energy and so full of joy and love for their mama, grandma AND eachother (you all know sisters make me weepy).  It happened to be the first chilly evening of fall and these ladies toughed it out better than I did.

If you don’t leave this blog post feeling like Sereeta is an amazing mom and her daughters are crazy about her, I have failed.
I could go on forever but I think I’ll let the photos do the talking…  <3

bonafide-1663 bonafide-1664 bonafide-1668 bonafide-1674

bonafide-1682 bonafide-1687

bonafide-1694 bonafide-1699 bonafide-1702 bonafide-1706


bonafide-1765 bonafide-1769 bonafide-1771 bonafide-1775 bonafide-1778

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