Lee & Michele are Married!

What are the chances that a January wedding day in western Pennsylvania would have a forecast of 68 degrees and sunny?  1  in a million?  That’s what Lee & Michele got for their wedding day.  Talk about the perfect start to the most wonderfully intimate and meaningful celebration of 2 people…

The weather, the venue, the food, the ceremony, the love…  the day was incredible.  Michele and Lee were surrounded by a group of people that adore them so much.  And while most brides and nervous and sometimes verging on frantic, Michele was cool, calm and jaw-dropping beautiful in a non-traditional one sleeved navy gown.  The ceremony was held inside a beautiful white tent in the Mexican War Streets of Pittsburgh followed by a decedent dinner served inside the private residence.  The night wrapped up with dancing and more celebrating.  Toasts and speeches full of funny tales and meaningful tributes added to the already undeniable sense of love and support for Michele and Lee’s union.

The day was full of class and elegance but more than anything, you could feel the sincerity and true meaning of the day.  It was such an honor to document such a beautiful event.  Congratulations Lee and Michele!  Here’s to many years full of that same beautiful love that we all felt on your perfect January wedding day.



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The Team

Make-up: Bonita Bey
Bouquets, Flower Lapel Pins, Corsages: Kerry Ann Flowers of K Flowers Designs
Wedding Coordinator:  Kerry Ann Flowers of K Flowers Designs

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