Matt & Mary are Married!

Matt and Mary’s wedding day was such a pleasure to witness.  Their first look was moved indoors thanks to the wet Pittsburgh weather but it was no less sweet. Fortunately, they’d chosen the Sheraton in Station Square which has some of the best views of Pittsburgh.  The ceremony was unlike anything I have ever witnessed. Never have I wanted so badly to be a videographer in my life.  To get to hear their beautifully written vows again would be amazing.  They had their guests, who came from all over the country, in tears one moment and laughing through them the next.  There really are no words to describe how emotion evoking and lovely it was.
As awesome as their ceremony was, their reception was so much fun!  The toasts, the dancing, all of it was quite memorable.  Mary & Matt, thank you for allowing me to document your amazing day.  It was such an honor to witness such an authentic and beautiful celebration.


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The Team:

Hair & Makeup:  Jordan Sasson & Pretty in Pittsburgh
Dress: David’s Bridal
Shoes: Michael Antonio
Florist: Green Sinner 
Ceremony & Reception Venue: The LeMont Restaurant
Caterer: The LeMont Restaurant 
Cake & Cookies:  Prantl’s Bakery and the following friends / family~ Lenore Calderone, Jo Ross, Barbara Cohen & Heidi Sasson
Officiant:  Drew Tarver
DJ: DJ Lemon from Disc Inferno DJs


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