Christopher & Tiffany are Married!

As I’ve edited Christopher and Tiffany’s photos, I’ve been thinking to myself what I want to say here.  It was a fabulous day, weather was great, food was fantastic, ceremony was beautiful, and I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of such a lovely day.  Yes, all of this. But there is more.  There was such depth to so many elements of the day that are often overlooked or considered but not quite to this extent.  I don’t know. I am not a wordsmith but I really wish I were, but I will just tell it like it is.

Our day started with a bit of a comedic twist.  My second shooter and I show up, excited to get started.  After all, we’ve had an hour in the car to brainstorm and gear up for a fantastic day.  We knock on the door all – smiley and eager as can be. A very surprised female face appears in the window.  “We’re not interested.”  I laugh.  Of course you are.  I am here to photograph the wedding we are celebrating today.  “Go away.”  I look at the other photographer and I am immediately confused.  I’ve never been turned away by the mother of the bride. And was that person wearing any clothes? Oy!  A passerby notices our confusion, “I think you’re at the wrong house.”  I look at my notes!  We were.  Completely wrong place.  When we arrived at Tiffany’s parents’ actual home, we were greeted with open arms.  Phww!

Tiffany was impressively calm.  Her sister, mom, and her best friends all surrounded her as she prepared for the wedding.  After we’d snapped a few photos, her sister presented her with a letter from Christopher.  And while I obviously didn’t read the content of the letter, Tiffany shared with me a poem by TS Elliot that Christopher  had included.  So beautiful.  And while Tiffany was reading a love note from her soon to be husband, Christopher was a few miles away, reading a letter from Tiffany.

The bouquets that Tiffany made (yes, the bride was also the florist) were so colorful!  And her fuschia boots complemented them perfectly.  The ivory and purple bridesmaids dresses had an unexpected pop in the teal beaded necklaces each gal wore.  This, set against the amazing colors of Pennsylvania fall made my little photographer heart dance.  :)

I had researched the ceremony location, of course.  But the little white church with the big red doors was even sweeter in person.  And the ceremony that took place inside was incredible.  Their grandmas were flower girls – a trend I would love to see become a new tradition.  The couple wrote their own vows.  And with personalized vows comes so much emotion.  Laughter.  Tears.  Immeasurable joy that two people so perfectly matched had found one another.  *sigh*

After the ceremony, Tiffany and Christopher received their guests and then we took some photos around the church.  They had ingeniously scheduled a large enough window for them to relax at their hotel with their friends who had traveled to be with them.  And just be together before heading to the reception.

The venue where the reception took place, Avion on the Water, was gorgeous.  Set feet from the lake, I couldn’t help but get excited about the sunset photos next to the lake! (see below)  Their reception was sprinkled with a Wonder Woman & Superman theme and the centerpieces had meaningful quotes, photos, and even text conversations between the couple and their friends when they first started dating.
During the reception, several people gave toasts.  All of which underlined what was made apparent during the ceremony – Christopher and Tiffany accent one another perfectly.

And the food WAS fantastic.  hehe.

Congratulations Tiffany and Christopher!  Your entire day was phenomenal just like your love for one another. :)

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The Team:

Ceremony Venue: St James Meeting House in Boardman Park
Reception Venue/caterer: Avion on the Water,
Hair: Bella Sole Salon
Makeup: Natalie Colwell
DJ: Paul Paige, Paige Entertainment
Florist: Tiffany :)
Cake/cookies: Bakes by Lo,
Card box: Kemp Custom Decor
Second Shooter: Jazmin Rosenberger

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