The 365 Projects are photo-a-day challenges which require you take (at least) a single photo every day.  I am excited to find inspiration in the details I may have otherwise taken for granted.
And a fair warning – you are going to see a whole lot of my spunky toddler and her furry sidekick…  I can’t help it.  I tried.

24 / 365 Out of Sight
Because if she can’t see you seeing her, then you must not see what she is doing that you told her not to do (put her hands in filthy, stagnant water).


23 / 365  Family Photo
This is a pretty good look into our lives… and finally, a photo of all 3 of us….


22 / 365  Dog Days
We got some pretty earth shattering news about our beloved Sammie recently.  She has bone cancer which has spread to her lungs.  There is nothing that can be done.
So what do we do now?
Live.  There is nothing that will inspire you to make memories and live life to the fullest like the news that someone or something that you love so much will soon be gone.
….Beef and salmon for every meal, ice cream for dessert and a whole lot of cuddling (on the couch) and reminiscing about the love, laughter & chaos this lovely beast has brought to our lives…

21 / 365  Reflection
Coriander in Squirrel Hill has a pretty great aquarium.


20 / 365  Overthrown 
I lost my spot.  Sammie is officially riding shotgun….  how did this happen?

19 / 365  Dodgeball 4 Diabetes
My sister in law puts on some pretty awesome fund raisers to raise funds and awareness for diabetes.  They bring energy and a sense of community to the tiny town of Punxsutawney.  We could learn a thing or two from her proactive and selfless spirit.  Here is the link to a blog post with more photos.  And here is the link the the facebook page for this particular event.

18 / 365  Morning with the Moon
We love the moon at our house so any surprise visits are especially appreciated.

17 / 365 Art
Today’s medium – chalk & the front porch


16 / 365 Bubbles
One step closer to complete independence

15 / 365 Destruction
de-struc-tion  noun   the action or process of causing so much damage to something that it no longer exists or cannot be repaired.

14 / 365  First Sign of Life
This winter was long and cold.  We were very excited to see little bits of new green life peaking through!

13 / 365  Squares

12 / 365 Birthday Boy
I’m not sure who was more excited for daddy’s birthday….

11 / 365  Finite
An old, large breed dog is sure to remind you how finite life truly is.  Our Sammie Sunshine has been the most wonderfully bad dog, ever.  And as she ages, the days where her mischievous charm surfaces, we welcome & embrace every destructive moment.

Note: I went to a local market and took photos of fresh vibrant produce today to change things up but this sweet face seemed much more worthy of this space & time.

10 / 365  Defiance
If you want a two year old to avoid doing something, the last thing you should do is tell them not to do that something.  So when I told Aly not to lick the side of the bathtub, well, you’ll never guess what she did…


9 / 365  Transition
I spent my morning with the sweetest family this morning, expecting their second baby.  What a big transition!

8 / 365 Natural Light
This is my favorite spot in our house when the sun is setting.  The sunshine warms the room and draws you in.  

7 / 365  Little “Helper”
We had an incredibly long day full of defiance and boundary pushing.  And Somehow this sight still made my heart skip a beat….
Me:  What on earth are you doing on the table??
LittleHelper: (Surprised by my reaction) Just cleanin’ the light, mama.
Me: You are not allowed to stand on the table or clean the lights. Get down!
LittleHelper: Then I just be a monkey instead!  OohOoh!  AahAah!

…. and amazingly she survived another day unscathed.


6 / 365  American (Cat)  Dream
Moses (aka “Mosey”), the runt of his litter, is a Detroit native born in an abandoned barn, left to fend for himself.  He now lives a luxurious indoor life in Pittsburgh with his doting adopted mom (my sister).  Eating only the best cat chow and sleeping on a heated window seat, he has seen all of his dreams realized.  With all of this, he has managed to remain humble and sweet.

5 / 365  Pause
Be still my heart.

4 / 365  Winter Coat
The infamous beard is growing gray.  30 years of life, 10 years of love, 9 years of higher education, & 2.5 years of fatherhood…

3 / 365  LoveMark
She has no idea how much we love her.  Or how much we adore the little heart etched in her birthmark that is slowly fading from the inside out.

2 / 365  Saturday Morning
…is when all of the sweet magic happens.  Everyone is home, savoring each precious moment, and nothing else really matters.

1 / 365  Arthritis
When it is -7° and your “puppy” is suffering, she can cuddle up and nap wherever her aged heart desires.


8 thoughts on “365

  1. Your website & blog are awesome! Do you have someone do it or do you maintain it yourself? Powered by WordPress – I didn’t know you could do so much with them! Oh, been meaning to ask if your company name registered? The weddings include albums so I’m curious, what company do you use to make them and do you have them do your print developing as well? You are doing and living the photographer life/job I have always wanted – I’m so glad you enjoy it so much!

  2. Amazing. Such a great thing to stick with. I’m in love with your blog. Thanks for sharing & inspiring.

  3. I love this project and I needed to see it so bad in order to get the motivation to start mine! I am so lazy when it comes to my own personal photos! Gorgeous job!

  4. I love you and I don’t know you. I wish you lived closer to take my babys photos!
    I’m sorry about your doggie.

  5. A <3 birthmark? Really??????????? Love it!
    This is so much better than a about page
    I can't wait to watch it unfold and meet you at my wedding! Ya!

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