There is no remedy but we can bottle the fleeting moments with joyful and enduring images. No cheshire cat smiles or forced poses, it's just your family, exactly as they are (with better lighting and a little direction). Get your family to the photo location and your job is done! I’ll handle the rest!

Raising tiny humans feels a lot like gripping sand. No matter how tight you hold them, time still escapes, and they keep growing. 


Keep the best lived moments in your heart, mind, and hands. 

Sara's patience and kindness towards my gang of rambunctious boys was incredible. I was honestly skeptical how the pictures would turn out because my boys were borderline uncooperative and are currently working very hard on their fake smile skills. The pictures are amazing!

I will treasure these photos always.

Christina H.

Not only did Sara have my two little girls smiling but they warmed up to her quickly and had so much fun. I really loved the experience of having her capture us in the element of our own home. This was beyond special to me. I can't thank her enough for catching my family in their element.

These moments mean so much to me.

Sara is not only extremely responsive, professional, kind, and welcoming, but her work is absolutely stunning. Our newborn photos are so special and ones we will cherish forever.

There is no better option than Bona fide Photography! 

Usually this is the point I’m warned about how wild your kids are...

Being a mom, I know that although we love our kids, they often come with a disclaimer. Fear not, after years of practice I not only know how to wrangle rambunctious little ones, but also make it fun so I can capture their best and most endearing qualities. 

These parts we want to hold onto forever—the nose scrunches, the bite size feet, the awe of something new, and their faces when they see you. 

  • Up to 6 people
  • Location of your choice
  • Wardrobe & styling guidance
  • Shareable online gallery (no IPS)
  • Edited high resolution digital images 
  • Exclusive print release
  • *Payment plans available. Everyone deserves beautiful imagery to celebrate life’s big moments. 

Family Investment

$725 +tax

The lens through which I see you is very different from the lens in which you see yourself.

When the only time you see yourself is at 5am in a dirty bathroom mirror or in an impromptu photo your spouse took of you, it’s really easy to forget what you really look like.

Allow me to show you the version of yourself you’ve been missing!

Sara is not only extremely responsive, professional, kind, and welcoming, but her work is absolutely stunning. Our newborn photos are so special and ones we will cherish forever. We will always use Sara for any future family photo needs and cannot wait for the next opportunity. Sara is simply the BEST!

There is no better option than Bona fide Photography!

Kelsey b

Yes, the clothes may be less wrinkled and your hair may have less food in it, BUT the joy and pride in your face as you look around at your family and the life you’ve created together is tremendously beautiful and that’s all you.

I’ll do everything imaginable to make sure that’s who you see in your images. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I convince my family to cooperate?  

Occasionally I work with super smiley kids that require no incentives (ie. bribes.) For the most part, great sessions come with some planning and flexibility from the parents’ perspective.  
1. Pick a time of day that your kids will be happiest and most cooperative 
2. Feed everyone in the family as close to the session time as possible. (This includes adults. Hangry adults can be just as challenging as hangry toddlers.) 
3. Bribe those kiddos. As much as we want them to value and appreciate family photos, they don’t It is truly a labor of love and without a reason to cooperate, some kids just won’t. 
4. Try to keep your stress and anxiety around the session to a minimum. Kids are sponges and will pick up on your energy. We will have fun! They will be great and so will the photos. 

Will you help me pick a location for our shoot? 

Central PA has so many beautiful locations. I am happy to send you a list of great options along with samples of work from each spot so you can get an idea of what it looks like.  

How many photos will I get after our session?

Every session is different. Sometimes I deliver 30 photos, sometimes 80. I don’t hold back.   

I have family members that have physical limitations, can you accommodate this?  

With a bit of planning, we can work together to pick a safe location that will not present additional challenges but will still allow for beautiful light.  

What if I need to reschedule?

I pride myself in being a flexible and understanding human. The reality is, kids get sick, the weather is not always predictable, and life happens. Just let me know when you know that we will need to adjust the schedule and we will go from there. 

What do I wear to the shoot?  

This is my most frequently asked question. Here is a link to answer this question.  

When is the best time to take photos?

I am a sucker for golden hour light. This is the hour before sunset and the hour after sunrise. This changes everyday. If you are wondering when golden hour is on a specific date, just Google the location + sunrise or sunset. WIth that said, the most important consideration in choosing whether to do a sunrise or sunset session is when the youngest participant is happiest.

Can I opt out of having my photos shared online? 

Of course. No questions asked. 

Did I miss something? Ask away!