Exequiel and Michelle are Married | Lily Manor Wedding

I have been SO behind on posting blog entries!  But I HAD to sit down and take a moment to share this amazing day.  Exequiel and Michelle have an incredible story of how they met.  (Check it out here.) It is literally a modern day fairy tale.  Girl goes away to foreign country to study and meets the man she is meant to be with forever and they live happily every after.  Obviously, there is a lot of work to be done between that meeting and their happy ending.  A supportive family would be helpful and luckily for them, they both have AMAZING families.  And the best part of all – they know it and they appreciate them so much.

One of the things that stood out most to me during Exequiel and Michelle’s big day was how intentional they were about including their parents in everything.  Exequiel’s mom and dad traveled all the way from Argentina to celebrate their son’s union and it was undeniable that he was so grateful to be there.  Similarly, Michelle’s parents played a huge part in the day and she showed so much appreciation.  I don’t know if I would have picked up on all of this before becoming a parent, but now that I am, these incredible parent child bonds stand out so much.  And instead of seeming entitled, Michelle and Exequiel were honored to be there with their families.  It was just all around awesome.

They wrote their own vows which fit right into my modern day fairy tale description.  They were beautiful, and sweet, and so genuine.  I get goosebumps just thinking about them.

Finally, the reception was amazing.  All the seats were empty.  Everyone was dancing, mingling and celebrating the beautiful love of two wonderful people.

Exequiel and Michelle, I am SO glad you found one another.  And so grateful you allowed me to take part in such a genuinely beautiful celebration.

The Team!

Venue: Lily Manor in Mifflin, PA
Dress Shop: Lovely Bride Philadelphia
Dress Designer: Hughes by Kate McDonald
Jewelry: Francesca’s
Hair and Make up: Lindsey Speicher
Tuxedos: Hugo Boss
DJ: Perfect Harmony Entertainment
Photo booth: Perfect Harmony Entertainment
Florist: Pocketful of Posies
Caterer: JP Edwards
Desserts: Cupcakes by  Ann’s Cupcakery, and Cake by bride’s sister and co-maid of honor, Kristen Lenze
Officient: Weddings by Angie (Angie Rodriguez) 
Photography: Sara at Bona fide Photography in State College, PA




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