Thad & Maria are Engaged!

This year has been a bizarre one for photographers anticipating those Fall colors.  Some have just decided that the leaves are going to drop while they’re green and we’re not going to get those spectacular autumn hues.  The good news is that with a little tweaking and editing magic, a drab green scene can be transformed into a setting screaming “pumpkin spice latte!”  Just kidding, kind of.  But you will see what I mean below.

Thad and Maria are tying the knot next Fall at the Rolling Rails Lodge in State College   When I first spoke to Maria, her excitement about her engagement and wedding was contagious.  I felt myself eager to photograph these love birds even before I was officially booked as their wedding photographer.  Their engagement shoot did not disappoint.  Being from Altoona, they thought it would be nice to do their engagement photos there – and they were right!  Canoe Creek State Park is awesome and the perfect spot to take fall engagement photos.   With a fabulous location and a couple totally smitten, I was like a kid in a candy shop!   I knew I had lucked out when I joked about doing squats with Maria on his back, and Thad obliged!  haha!  Working with Maria and Thad was an awesome reminder of why I love being an engagement and wedding photographer, SO MUCH!  I get to work with the most amazing people!
A little more about this beautiful duo….

How did you and your fiance first meet?
Thad and I met back in high school, but didn’t truly connect until 2013 in college. I worked in the building next to his and I would stop by every now and then to bring over any mail or deliveries, and after a while we were having more visits and more conversations. Through mutual friends we began to see more of each other and we eventually made a friendship of our own!

Did you “click” right away?
I’ll admit I was hesitant to date Thad at first, but it was undeniable that we had a special connection! I was able to open up to him rather quickly and he was able to do the same.

How long did you date before you got engaged?
4 years and 9 months

Was the proposal a surprise?

How did the proposal happen?
It was my birthday surprise! On my birthday, Thad had come home from work in the morning and while I was eating breakfast he asked if I wanted my birthday gift. I said yes and so he went back to the bedroom and when he came out he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes!!

When / Where is your wedding day?

Our wedding is 11/16/19 at Rolling Rails Lodge in Port Matilda, PA

What are you most excited about your big day?
We’re excited to spend such a special day with all of our loved ones, but we’re most looking forward to spending every day together cracking jokes, laughing, and exploring with each other for the rest of our lives.



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