The Keller Family

If you have found yourself here, you are in for a treat. 🙂  Sierra and Jon are a crazy cute couple and they are always willing to meet me at the crack of dawn to get the most beautiful light – which I ALWAYS appreciate so much.  With their two boys, they become over the top adorable.  I am so thankful that these beautiful humans continue to allow me to take photos of them.  Due to Corona, I haven’t photographed them since their little guy, James was around 6 months old!  Look at him now – 16 months old!  And big bro, Jack, is more charismatic and HILARIOUS than ever.  It is so fun seeing the family dynamic change as Jack and James grow into their personalities.

I don’t know how I got here with so many wonderful families and couples but this shoot was such an awesome reminder of how fortunate I am to get to work with such AMAZING people and do a job that never feels like work!




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