Matt & Amanda are Married!

Amanda and Matt put together a beautiful wedding scene for their photo shoot.  Just after we did photos, they were heading to the Clearfield magistrate to make it official.  Like so many other couples, they were caught in the midst of the chaos brought on by the pandemic.  Their original plan was to have an intimate wedding in May of this year, but they were still forced to scale back and rethink their original plan.

To my surprise, Amanda had an incredible vision.  She brought all the ingredients for a beautiful styled wedding shoot.  (This was a first for me, but I would LOVE to see this become a trend.) Instead of giving into her circumstances, she used her creative juices and figured out how to achieve the photos she wanted.

I met Matt, Amanda and their insanely cute twins at 8:30 AM on a Friday morning.  Matt had suggested a location that he’d found while fishing and it turned out to be gorgeous.  In the woods, right outside of Phillipburg, PA, they set up a table, candles, and several other thoughtfully selected accessories.  Amanda constructed her own bouquet and their kids looked adorable.  It was such a fun experience.

I realize I keep saying this but I mean it – the couples that are dealing with the craziness of this pandemic and coming out on the other side happily married are so incredibly inspiring.  I can only imagine the emotional roller coaster they have been on but I am so amazed by their positivity and resilience.

Congratulations Matt & Amanda!  I am so thankful to have gotten to meet you and see your beautiful vision come to life!

How did you and your fiance first meet?

We were neighbors in grade school

Did you “click” right away?

Yes! We were the best of friends!

How long did you date before you got engaged?

10 years too many

Was the proposal a surprise?
How did the proposal happen?

A getaway weekend at a cabin in Benezette, PA

When / Where was your wedding day?

July 24th 2020 Clearfield county magistrate, due to Covid-19 restrictions we decided not to put our family in a situation where they had to travel, but we waited 10 years come on! We were doing it regardless.

What were you most excited about your big day?
We were excited to just become the Bonsell’s!

Shoot Location: Cold Stream Dam & Recreation Park
Ceremony Venue: Clearfield Magistrate
Dress: Torrid 
Kids’ Attire: H&M Kids
Rings: Zales and Manly Bands
Florals and Styling: The bride, Amanda Fischer
Photography: Sara at Bona fide Photography in State College




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