Tim and Barb are Married!

I have a beautiful love story to share with you.  I have been getting to photograph so many small weddings this summer and I think I am hooked.   I totally sympathize with the couples that don’t get to see their original plans come together but I cannot help but share in the joy when two people so in love just figure it out.  And from my experience, those Plan B or Plan C weddings aren’t missing a thing.  I hope that anyone reading this blog right now, that is in the midst of trying to plan a wedding during a global pandemic will leave with some peace of mind knowing that it will ALL work out!

I do not have a long history with Barb and Tim, but I will tell you, I was moved to tears at their ceremony.  They were originally going to get married in Florida and due to the pandemic, they had to come up with a new plan.  Behind their home is a beautiful wooded area with a creek running through it which was the perfect setting to say “I do.”  Their vows to each other and to their children were so beautiful.

I so often hear people describe a second wedding as less significant or “not a big deal.”  But what I am learning is that the individuals in this position have an amazing perspective – it is not about the wedding, it is about the marriage.  So in fact, the material elements of a wedding are not nearly as important as they may have been.  And the love and meaning at these weddings is so undeniable that even the photographer who just met them yesterday is wiping away tears.  Surrounded by their children and some of their local friends and family, Tim and Barb managed to pull off a beautiful wedding on a sunny day during a global pandemic…

Congratulations, Barb and Tim! And thank you for allowing me to document this beautiful event.

If you are a lover of love stories, here is a little more about how Barb and Tim got to this point from Barb’s perspective…

How did you and your spouse first meet?

We met 20 years ago when he was doing some work for my family, we continued to be friends over the years and his daughters were babysitters to my kids. It wasn’t until only 4 years ago that we started dating. I had gone through a lot of personal stuff and men were not apart of the picture:)

Did you “click” right away?

We always could communicate as friends, but when he first kissed me 4 years ago, the ‘click’ happened 🙂

How long did you date before you got engaged?

4 years

Was the proposal a surprise?
How did the proposal happen?

It was 10pm on a Tuesday night, I had just finished submitting homework for one of my grad classes. Washed my face, hair in a ponytail… ready to just ‘chill’ for an hour. I see there are flowers on a table in our room and wondered what they were for. He asked me to sit down and proceeded to say some very kind sweet things – then he pulled out a ring that had my mothers stones in it and needless to say he melted my heart.

When / Where is your wedding day?

July 25, 2020 down by the creek 🙂

What were you most excited about your big day?

To marry a man that I can’t live without and for my kids to see what true, unconditional love is really like. They didn’t see that in my first marriage.

Anything else you’d like to add to your story?
Being that this was a second marriage for us both, people should never think they have to live life alone and they will never meet someone. That someone you might already know – so never say never.

The Team
Rings: Kranichs
Hair: Hanna Kapinus 
Bridal Make up: Kelly Clark Makeup
Linens: Best Event Rentals 
Florist: Daniel Vaughn Designs
Caterer:  Harrisons   and Maine Bay and Berry
Cake: Dolce Vita
Officiant: Tammy Ames
Photography: Sara at Bona fide Photography in State College 




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