Mariah – PSU Class of 2020

It’s been a while since I blogged anything other than weddings.  I loved this shoot SO much, it has inspired me to start blogging all of my sessions again! (Hold me to it folks! )

Meet Mariah.  She just graduated from Penn State University in State College, PA.  As a part of the Class of 2020, she left for a typical spring break and would never return to Penn State’s campus for a normal class again.  After an extended spring break, classes resumed online.  Even graduation was held online.

Shortly after graduation, George Floyd was killed by police in Minneapolis – which was followed by extraordinary unrest and activism that continues today.

As you can see, Mariah is a beautiful Black woman.  I just cannot imagine the emotional roller coaster she has been on over the last several months.   Starting with a pandemic which turned her college experience upside down, followed by a revolution that is so long overdue but surely exhausting.  In short, just so much uncertainty that directly impacts her, personally.

I had the pleasure of photographing her brother’s wedding (which you can see here) and just as I suspected based on my previous experiences with their family, Mariah was so lovely.   During the 2 hours I walked and talked with her (and of course snapped a few photos), she was so full of optimism and ambition.  She is beautiful, funny, smart, easy to talk to, incredibly photogenic, and just a wonderful human.   I am simply amazed by the young people in this country and their resilience.  Congrats Mariah and to all the 2020 Grads!

Here’s to putting the Corona Virus behind us and living in a world where Black lives matter.




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